Wet day

I'm single-parenting for the next four weeks.  I have a number of strategies for times like this and one strategy is to get them out of the house and walking every day.  That includes days like today when there is a storm announced and when it was already drizzling a bit when we left the house.  But heh, there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing, right?

Almost right.

We wanted to hike the path in the Black Moor - it's a favorite of ours, and only ten minutes by car.  When we got there, it was not raining but it was very foggy and dismal.  No matter, we could see enough and off we went.


Alas, the path was closed for "danger of slipping".  Dang it.


Oh, well, then we'd take the other path.  It's not as if the area is lacking for hiking trails.  When we got to the turnoff, it had already started rain a bit.


The planks were slippery, the path was muddy, but the kids were having fun, so we plowed on, quite literally.

Silly girl

Silly girl

Reading all about falcons.  We didn't spot any.

Reading all about falcons.  We didn't spot any.


I took a photo of David when I realized I could hardly see Leah, and I could not see Alan or Jacob who'd walked a bit ahead.  By then, it had started to rain in earnest.  I called them back.  We'd be soaked so badly because the one thing we didn't bring from Pristina were our rain coats. Silly, really.


We turned around, only stopping to look at the dismembered rabbit that lay beside the path.  Leah was very interested...


Then the winds picked up all of a sudden, and Leah got blasted with rain and tiny snowflakes.  I wrapped my scarf around her...

Ugh. Ack. Lens glare!

Ugh. Ack. Lens glare!

Then I had to hide the camera under my coat to protect it from the rain.  We hurried to the little snack place and had hot Bratwurst and coffee (me) and organic lemonade (the kids).   We drove home blasting "What does the fox say", "Jericho", and "Dance Apocalyptic" at full volume.  Now we are sitting by the fire.

We miss Daddy.