Bread is life.  In Tajikistan, bread is everything.  No meal is complete without bread, and you bring bread as a gift when you are invited.  It's considered bad luck when you run out of bread, throwing bread away is a sin, and when you accidentally drop bread on the ground, you put it up on hedges or walls for beggars and birds.

Apparently, bread comes in all different flours, shapes, and sizes.  I have yet to see this variety but then I haven't really gotten out of the house much, urging my boys through school in the mornings and trying to get the house set up in the afternoons. 

Tajik bread is best fresh out of the oven - whenever we bought it in the afternoon, it was stale and tough.  The most common kind you see everywhere is Non.  It's a round flatbread, with a pretty design in the middle and some black sesame seeds.  It's baked in special ovens which looks impressive and entirely against the law of physics.  You can read all about it and see some images at this webpage.