21 April 2014

We took a day trip to Istog where we hoped to do a little hiking in the mountains.  As you can see from the image below, the weather didn't cooperate.  We started out in bright sunshine in Pristina and drove into chilly rain. 

We stopped at the famous Trofta restaurant.  It was okay food - the kid's steaks were kind of tough, my fish was good but not so wonderful that I felt the need to break out in compliments.  I don't like canned mushrooms on the best of days.  But the setting is nice and the waiters were very kind, and the bread was excellent, so we thought we got our money's worth. 

As we left Istog it began to rain in earnest, and we couldn't find the waterfall we wanted to hike to anyway, so we just drove back home.  That drive, though, was spectacular from beginning to end.  You see the Mokra Mountains in the north towards Montenegro pretty early on, as well as the Accursed Mountains that reach deeply into Albania.   For a long while, you drive along the edge of mountains still clad in snow.  The meadows are green and dotted with thousands and thousands of dandelions (at this white stage, we call them "Pusteblume" in German which means "blow flower").  Cows and sheep graze everywhere.  You just want to throw yourself down in this grassy green - if it hadn't been for the rain, that is. 

It was very, very beautiful and not our last trip to this part of Kosovo for sure!