20 April 2014

Six days of continuous rain, after two days of snow (!).  Gloomy, foggy, wet.  The soil in Pristina is just not used to so much rain, so we have big puddles of rain sitting on top of the waterlogged clay that is our front yard. I think all my seeds are just drowning.  I had put a "soil improving" mix on the dirt strip next to the garage and the first little leaves had already popped up.  I don't think our soil is going to be improved this year.  It's just sticky mud right now.

We hid the Easter baskets in the house, and the kids found them and were happy about the good German (uhm, Swiss) chocolate bunnies and eggs.  We'll spend the day venturing outside for a bit and then we might just be huddling in front of the TV, watching "Earth" with David Attenborough, or do a Warehouse 13 marathon.  Or something like that.

Happy Easter.  Make it a nice day for yourselves.