I'm so thrilled you consider me to document your family's precious moments!  I'm sure you are curious how a photo shoot with me works and here is where I tell you what will happen. First, we will need to make an appointment.  Drop me an email or call me and we'll talk about what time works the best for your family.  Consider at which times of the day your children are at their best - scheduling a session for nap time works great with newborns but not so great with toddlers.  Early mornings or late afternoons are good for outside shoots, bright noon hours work best indoors.  Let's talk and decide together!

Once you've made your down-payment, you have secured your date in my calendar and I will contact you to discuss a few details. Typical question are,  What do your kids like? Which cartoon character do they like best?  Are they Star Wars fans? Hello Kitty? Are they pirates or explorers?  Is there a feature or prop you would like to include into the images, like an heirloom quilt, a favorite cuddly toy, a piece of art that is meaningful to you? I'll also give you tips on what to wear and whether or not you'll have to prep your house (you don't).

Of course, your dog can join in on the fun. 

A typical photo shoot starts in your home.  This is where the kids are the most relaxed and we can get used to each other and break the ice.  When I arrive, I will likely not touch my camera for a bit.  I'll try to make a connection with your family, engage your kids, tell a few silly jokes, or let them show me their rooms - whatever works for your child.  Once we start shooting, we'll just go with the flow.  I will make sure your hair looks good, and I'll suggest some poses that show off your best sides.  I'm a mom, too.  I know how critical we look at those photos of ourselves.  My job is to make you look your best and produce images you will love.  Expect to have fun! If the weather allows, and if the kids are up to it, we will work our way outside.  We can use your backyard, that side alley next to your house, the museum steps around the corner, the park...  it really depends on where you live since we don't want to shlep the kiddos around town all day!  I usually photograph for about an hour, sometimes more if it's necessary, so that we have at least 25-30 images you will love.  My photo sessions are very flexible - a must when working with kids.  When it all gets too much for them, we'll take a break and play for a bit, or have a cup of coffee. I know how stressful a photo shoot can be but my job is to make it all happen, control the kids, and bribe them into cooperation.  Your job as the mom is to just stand there, be relaxed, and look radiant.

A day or two after the photo session, I will post a sneak preview on my Facebook page and on my blog.  No more than two weeks after the session we will have another meeting where I will show you your fantastic images. 

Not so scary, is it?