About Us


We are a mixed US/German family of six, serially living the Expat life.  We have lived together, with more and more children, in Washington/DC, Belgrade/Serbia, Bucharest/Romania, Yerevan/Armenia, Fladungen/Germany and Chisinau/Moldova.  We have spent some time in Ramallah/West Bank, and are currently living in Pristina/Kosovo.  Always something new!

We have three boys and one girl, ages 4 through 11.  They are normal kids with normal problems - we battle food pickiness and bullies at school, we have arguments about screen privileges, we have temper tantrums and pre-teen behavior.  And we have the not-so-normal problems -  crossing notorious Qalandia checkpoint into Jerusalem, earthquake drills, learning new languages, settling into new schools.  Getting Ritalin in countries where ADHD does not exist.  Talking customs officers into releasing your box of books from Amazon.  Dealing with a party phone line and dial-up Internet service.  Getting out of a country before they start shooting up the protesters on the streets. You know, that kind of thing. 


Paris, 2013

I would not say we've seen it all -- because then, why keep doing this?  We have seen a lot, though, and we're always happy to see more.  And we love to share our experiences and help those who are new to this game.

So come with us on our adventures around the world. Next up: Pristina, the unknown European capital of coffee.  Enjoy!